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We’re happy to announce today a new program we’re introducing at Girls in Tech Romania – the Virtual Mentorship Program.

We’ll begin with a pilot. And this initiative will be shaped based on your feedback and on the way the pilot is unfolding. So, ladies, your involvement is highly appreciated!

What is the program about? As you can see from the title, it’s about getting help or advice  from other women working in tech – in short, mentorship sessions which will take place on Skype or Google Hangout.

Our goal is to connect you to great women ready to give away some of their busy time, to share their knowledge and experience with you.

That being said, meet Vesselina Tasheva. She will be the pioneer-mentor of the program.


Vesselina has a modest mission – to bridge the gap between the Balkan countries within the startup community so they can become a more unified ecosystem. Beyond the region’s well-being though, she is also focused on providing the resources for the startup teams from around, that could help them reach out as far as London, Berlin and the Silicon Valley, so they can have a shot in those markets, too.

Vesselina is the EMEA Community Advocate at Telerik, a dev tools company. Her time is split between London and Sofia. She spends time with the startups at the two biggest accelerator funds in Sofia – Eleven and LAUNChub. She is providing advice for community management, project management, business development and marketing.

Prior to her community advocate role, she explored the brand manager’s perspective at Telerik. Before the technology industry, Vesselina spent three years in the advertising world working in DDB Sofia. Currently she also runs Lean Coffee meetups in both Sofia and London.

Three to four feedback session slots will be open for January 29th, between 10 and 12 PM, with Vesselina. Scheduled for 30 minutes each, they will have the following structure:

1. Introductions (5 min)

2. Product Overview (5 min)

3. Initial Mentor Feedback (10 min)

4. Q&A (10 min)

Since it’s a pilot, we’re not doing it at a large scale and we’re taking the step-by-step approach. If eager to participate in this pilot and benefit from a 30 minutes mentorship session with Vesselina Tasheva, please complete this application form until January 27th and we’ll be back with an invitation via email by January 28th if there’s a fit between your needs and the mentor’s expertise.

Looking forward to your applications!