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At first, our intention for this follow up post was to publish the feedback we got from the ladies who’ve participated in our Virtual Mentorship Program pilot. Now, we not only publish the amazing feedback but also bring good news.

Four of you have met Vesselina Tasheva, virtually, now you have the occasion to meet her in person for some office hours as she’s in Bucharest for a short visit and generously offering some more of her time.

Even if it’s short notice, clear you schedule and join Vesselina on Tuesday, March 25th, between 10 AM and 12 PM, at Tech Hub. You won’t regret it for sure. Read the testimonials of the four ladies that have already participated in a virtual mentorship session with her.

Elena Iordache:

The mentoring session with Vesselina was empowering for me, as she gave me insights into how to efficiently validate my ideas as well as some directions on how to approach the right partners. Her feedback and recommendations were also helpful into tackling essential steps to ramp-ing up. Great opportunity and looking forward to next ones!

Ioana Monica Muntean:

The mentoring session with Vesselina was very helpful and enlightening. I really appreciated the discussion because, in these cases, what you’re expecting – from a startup founder perspective – are those ”blind spots” which you might not see as you take them for granted. In fact, this is what happened today. Vesselina knew how to ask me the ”right” questions which in turn challenged some of my assumptions. I was quite surprised to discover I still had some of them which I never questioned.

From a ”tech gal” point of view, talking with another girl, experienced in mentoring startup teams, I could say that it kind of eased the communication. I really had those 30 minutes to think about my project and not about what prejudices I have to fight only because I’m a girl. How can I fight a preconceived perspective and why should I? What if I can get some real and sincere feedback about my project, the way it happened today, and I get out of the meeting with a ”wow” sensation because things really got clearer?

In conclusion: the mentoring session was very helpful. I also appreciated and find encouraging talking with another girl about my project. The same way it was talking to you. I really appreciated your pro-active attitude and if it were not for your encouragements I would probably miss opportunities mentoring sessions or TechPeaks.

Alexandra Iancu:

The mentorship session with Vesselina was productive. She had useful marketing advices. She gave me good leads and she identified areas where we had the wrong approach.

Miruna Sfia:

The mentoring session I had with Vessy over Skype helped me first of all because it gave me a fresh feedback from someone on the outside. Someone who knew nothing about my project, Friday Illustrated, listened to me and then came up with questions that helped me redefine what I wanted from it. She gave me ideas to expand my community that I hadn’t thought of before. This lateral thinking process is probably what most influenced me, after our talk.

Secondly, although my project isn’t (at least not yet) a startup (I’m doing this in my spare time and I have no monetization plans for the moment), Vessy showed me how to analyze it and plan ahead, in order to get the best results, step by step. Everything divided into actionable steps, so that I can actually apply what she recommended right away.

Moreover, I found other parts of her activity & experience that were useful to me, so I picked her brain about those, too, in order to help me grow my community outside just the website and improve the content that I offer to my audience.

We kept in touch and she offered to do a follow-up soon, and discuss the progress I’ve made. It’s a great opportunity having someone experienced willing to sit down with you and go through your business project, talk about your ideas, objectives and solutions. It helps you clarify (or rethink) once again your goals, but also brings a fresh perspective to the whole thing. And all of this turns into new energy ready to be invested in your project!