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Inspired by TechCrunch and Roxanne Varza‘s initiative of bringing Girls in Tech to London and Paris, in November 2012 I’ve launched the Romanian chapter of Girls in Tech.

Two years later, time in which I have met and worked with amazing people who were either on the local and international team, speakers or representing sponsors, partners, supporters and press, people with whom we put together several events, thus having the chance to interact with a handful of other amazing people attending those, I’ve decided to hand over the joy and responsibility of carrying the Romanian chapter further to Monica Muntean and Silvia Stegaru.

Please, meet the two wonderful ladies, who I’m sure will make an even greater job at supporting and inspiring women in technology. In fact they have already started doing it!

Monica (Linkedin/Twitter) is an entrepreneur, anthropologist and co-founder of Girls who Code Romania. She has more than 10 years of experience in integrated marketing, she is passionate about anthropology of tech entrepreneurship and she is an enthusiast supporter of women working in tech.

Silvia (Linkedin/Twitter) is a Teaching Assistant at University Politehnica of Bucharest and co-founder of the Girls Who Code Romania community. She has a passion for Computer Science and has demonstrated it through her various projects in research, open source, and the startup area. She is a strong supporter of promoting more women into computing and in entrepreneurial roles, a reason for which Google has awarded her in 2014 the “Anita Borg” Scholarship for the EMEA region, which is rewarded only to women who demonstrate strong academic background in Computer Science and demonstrate leadership skills.

So onwards and upwards! Please, continue showing support to women already working or just joining the industry, continue attending our events and most of all building the tech industry together, no matter the gender.

Wishing you all a great start into 2015, and of course, I’ll stick around in some way, as I’m still a girl in tech 🙂

Yours truly,

Catalina Rusu, prior MD of Girls in Tech Romania.