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We are delighted to introduce you the Girls in Tech Global Classroom Program aiming at educating and engaging girls and women around the world interested in coding. The 2017 Global Classroom Program will be an inaugural program and will encompass a technical 8-week course on “How to Make a Website with Open API” complete with training material, eMentors, assignments, and opportunities for discussion. This is a FREE of cost course available to all members who enroll using the application link below.

Program Prerequisites

All participants must have:

  • Access to a computer with a web browser and Internet to complete coursework

  • Basic familiarity with a computer

  • Basic familiarity with a web browser

  • General understanding of how the web works, as a user

Key Dates

Applications Open: Monday, February 13th 2017
Applications Close: Monday, March 20th 2017
Enrollment Confirmation: Saturday, March 25th 2017
Program begins: April 3rd 2017
Program ends: May 26th 2017

Program Website:

Sign up Application:

Facebook Group: