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We all love weekends, right?

Imagine the following scenario

Usual Friday, back from school, browsing the Internet while looking for possible job opportunities on LinkedIn, thinking of the professional future you. The picture you paint in your head looks great! If only you could turn that into reality by engaging with cool mentors, finding promising career opportunities and to learning about up-to-date technology used in the real world right
now. But you don’t know where to start.

Now imagine another scenario

You enrolled in a voice recognition hackathon, one of the coolest things to learn right now. You have just seen a lot of LinkedIn ads about these companies that are looking for students with a passion for knowledge and innovation. You just proved to be one of them. I mean, after all, you just joined a hackathon on voice recognition technology! So you went to the event, rocked it with your friends and newly met team members, and won their prizes. And bonus, days later, you open your e-mail account: wow, an e-mail from P&G about hiring opportunities just right for you!

The second scenario is not a dream. It can be real and achievable. And the first step it takes is to register here.

November 24th-25th: the days you made the most out of your weekend

Procter & Gamble, the company behind Ariel, Pampers, Gillette, Always and many others, is bringing you the recipe for student success: the European Voice Recognition Hackathon. A 24 hour hacking session where you get to play with cutting edge technology, meet other students as determined and innovative as you are, and build teams designed for success. The first, second, and third best teams to create the most innovative solutions will win fresh technology, the kind you use to improve your day to day lives. But you’re not alone in this! Students all over Europe will be joining you in this effort: Paris, Warsaw, New Castle, Kronberg, and about 5 other cities will be working together to shape the future of consumer interaction! And there’s another catch: the best solutions from the best team will enter the European competition and will get a chance to win a continental class prize!

Decided to join?

Then bring your laptop, your passion for technology and we will take care of the rest! The event is going to be held at P&G Bucharest Headquarter: Dimitrie Pompeiu, nr 9-9A, iRide Park

If you are curios about the technology, check this out: What Is the Alexa Voice Service?
Want to see how easy it can be? Try this out: Creating your first Amazon Alexa Skill in about 11-minutes

So book your weekend on 24 – 25 November so you can spend the 26 November Sunday enjoying our
prizes and telling your friends about your success!

To stay tuned to news about this event, check out the Hackathon Facebook Event page.